Cracklez® scented wooden wick candles are scented candles with a wide wick of wood. As a result, these wooden wick candles crackle and pop while burning, just like a wood fire in a fireplace. A burning wooden wick candle creates a very cozy atmosphere. We also sell unscented Cracklez® wood wick candles. These are colored as well and crackle as good as the perfumed candles. Specially made for people who don't enjoy scents or don't tolerate perfumes very well. Cracklez® scented candles with a wick of wood are small in size but, very big on performance.

Features of the cracklez® wooden wick candles are:
- loudest cracking candles on the market.
- excellent scent throw, comparable to much larger candles.
- nice gift boxes with three scents.
- for the price of one large candle, more scents to enjoy.
- own texts and images on the lid possible, nice to send to someone as a greeting.
- a beautiful vivid flame.
- because of its size, easy to put in a drawer.
- the small size makes it possible to use it on small surfaces such as a bathtub rim.
- easy to carry with you on travel, to the office, to acquaintances, etc.
- when not lit, usable as a scent diffuser. Instead of, for instance, a reed diffuser.

Cracklez® tin canned wooden wick candles are available in trendy tins with colored soy wax in many colors and delicious scents. These wood wick candles burn optimally when they are continually burned until the entire surface is melted (about 3-4 hours). These wooden wick candles will then burn up clean, there will be no wax remaining on the wall of the tin. The wood wick candles are soot free. Each Cracklez® wooden wick scented candle has a good closing lid so that it can be stored in a dust-free and scent free condition. These crackling wooden wick candles are handmade in the Netherlands of high-quality materials.

Tip: Cracklez® wooden wick candles are highly scented so that they can be used as a scent diffuser (especially the fresh fragrances). Put one or more (depending on the size of the room) down with the lid open, to create a nice odor in the living room, toilet, bathroom, etc.. Before burning it is important to wipe off any dust that settled down on the candle surface.

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